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Bob Wieland:

The Greatest Blessing





Do you often wonder what YOU can do to make this world a better place? Do you imagine yourself as too small or too insignificant to really make a difference?


You are invited to read about someone who despite all odds is making an impact on thousands of people every day with his efforts. And now he is asking you to do the same.


Bob Wieland is a man of vision. He is the kind of person who has dreamed of a better world despite whatever mountain he has had to climb to make it so. As a young man Bob was always one to serve and this included his enlistment in the Army and deployment to Vietnam. It was here Bob faced an unimaginable tragedy when he stepped on a land mine while trying to save a fellow soldier.


For many people living life without your legs would have been enough to retire and focus on their own needs, however Bob Wieland's vision of a better world transcended his own personal issues and drove him to bigger and better thing.

Maybe you've heard of Bob's awe inspiring trek across the USA using his arms? It was during this record breaking walk that he raised thousands to support the impoverished.



Surely for most people that would have been enough, but not for Bob. In Early 2011 Bob Wieland set out on a cross country bike tour and fund raiser to earn money for one of his favorite causes, The Dream Center. Throughout the journey Bob has met thousands of people and made just as many friends who are supporting him and his cause.


Now we're asking you to help in whatever way you can. Click on the link below to go to our donation page. Bob calculates it will take 12 million rotations of his pedals to make it across the USA. Please sponsor 1 or as many as 200 rotations so that he can continue to show the Dream Center how together we can make a difference.

In 1986 Bob completed a 3000 mile walk across America on his arms.

In 1996 Bob rode a hand cycle 6000 miles across America and back

In 2011 Bob's doing it all again for the Dream Center and he needs your support.


bobs blog

"Living is still the best way to celebrate life"


The video above is just one of the many news stories Bob has received on his cross country journey. On many occasions he has said how grateful he is for the continued support of his family and friends from around the world. Now you have a chance to be one of Bob's supporters. Big or small, the only thing that matters is you participate and show you care.

Bob Wieland's cross country ride is in support of the Dream Center, a volunteer organization that supports nearly 40,000 inner city individuals and families faced with the kind of insurmountable challenges that most people can't even imagine. Learn more about the Dream Center project.


Latest News

Bob Wieland Teams up with Stuntman Sammy 

Maloof to Make Things Better for Others!

Win a Car and Trailer Valued at $170,000

Bob Wieland and stuntman Sammy Maloof are wanting to make things better for someone else. Especially for many who are experiencing difficult times because of our current economy. So they have joined forces in a mentoring program and community events called "Winning at the Race of Life" which is changing lives.

To promote Winning at the Race of Life they have established a giving program called  "Chip in 10."  They're asking people to chip in $10 or $20 to help those in desperate need. There are many without homes and jobs and many who need support. Many people are not even enjoying the simple things of life like having a good meal for dinner.

Winning at The Race of Life Outreach is changing lives. Just click here to see how: http://bit.ly/pCyJfo

But they are not only asking you to give, they're wanting to give also. In fact, you could be the WINNER of a BEAUTIFUL car and custom enclosed trailer valued at $170,000!

You can take a look at the following website to see a testimony from last years winner of their Chevelle hotrod charity giveaway: http://tinyurl.com/TonyPellegrino.

You can also go to the following links for all the details of how you can win this beautiful car and trailer. Please visit


Christmas car giveaway

For more details about "Chip and 10" visit the official website http://www.chipin10.com

Dream Ride 3 Reaches Santa Monica, California

Sooner Than Expected; "But It's Too Soon to Quit"

September 28, 2012 - Open Letter from Bob Wieland:

"Hello from Bob Wieland, giving you a shout out from Los Angeles California. Just want to make a few announcements about what has been happening as of late.
First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who have followed me on Dream Ride 3. As you know we started in Los Angeles California, went all the way across the country and started back and reached as far as Mobile, Alabama. My goal was to ride back to Los Angeles to complete our round trip journey.
In the last few months we have delayed the ride for several reasons. One was because of various speaking engagements that were inspired by the ride.
Also in my effort to complete the ride I regret to inform all my friends and fan base that Dream Ride 3 will no longer be resumed from Mobile because the logistics of completing the ride and because of circumstances out of my control has been determined too involved an unpractical due to today's highway and municipal laws across various states.
However, because Bob Wieland likes to keep his word I will finish the 7,000 mile bike ride as promised by finishing the final 1200 miles doing as many laps as it takes to go up and down the west coast Santa Monica, [California] boardwalk until all 7,000 miles are completed.
I want to thank all of you who have contributed to Dream Ride 3, providing help and inspiration to those who needed a "hand up". Our efforts together have been an inspiration to many people along the route of Dream Ride 3. Not only were people inspired, but others were literally saved from the grips of death.
Literally, I've spoken to several people who were on a course of suicide.  After having the opportunity to give them words of inspiration in life, either on the streets or in a meeting somewhere across the country their lives were spared. Without you, the messenger wouldn't have had the opportunity to deliver the message; and for that I thank you.
For all intense purposes Dream Ride 3 is finished traveling across the country.... Although I will complete the final miles on the boardwalk of Santa Monica beach and report to you the miles as I go.
Meanwhile, stay tuned because "It's Too Soon to Quit." My next project is in the making and we have a big program set for November 10 and lots coming in 2013.  God bless and thank you all"


Bob receives honorary  jersey  from  the Washington  Capitols hockey team;  presented by Brett Bohl,  national manager for Crusaders  Equipment. 

Two legends share unparalleled accomplishments on recent Trinity Broadcasting Network "Praise The Lord" program. Bob Wieland is the only man to ever walk across America on his arms, while Arthur Blessitt is the only man to carry the cross all around the world..''

Bob receives Bank of America award

Bob "Mr. inspiration" Wieland was honored by Bank of America by receiving the

prestigious 2011 Neighborhood Excellence Initiative "Local Heroes" award in Beverly Hills on

Bank of America logo  Wednesday, November 2, at the Los Angeles County Museum 

 of Arts. The annual celebrated function pays tribute to several 

 individuals for their contributions to the community of Los Angeles.

Mr. inspiration, as Bob was affectionately called by Pres. Ronald Reagan, was one of Bank of
America's chosen "Local Heroes," as he took time from his 7000 mile, double across America bike
ride to attend the event.

Master of ceremonies Rick Dees of "Rick Dees in the Morning" 92.3 FM in Los Angeles and
syndicated nationally was on hand to bestow the honors while such notables as Laker Hall of Fame
guard Jerry West and others made the evening a delightful event.

David Darnell, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Bank of America, of Charlotte, North Carolina saluted
the recipients and included special words about Bob. Thanks also goes to Janet Lamkin, California
President for B of A, who also attended. Arcadia branch manager Stephanie Lau was responsible for
nominating Bob for the coveted award.


Bob Wieland tests his new INVACARE Top End Excelerator XLT Pro hand crank cycle he will use during 7000 miles for Dream Ride 3; while getting encouragement from Quinton Aaron (left), who co-starred as Michael Oher in the movie "The Blind Side" and Rocco Scalzi (right), founder of "Beating the Odds."
Bob gives support on a Thursday night to Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer) at her movie premiere along with Quinton Aaron who played a costarring role in the movie "The Blind Side." Bob Is Chairman of Quarterbacks of Life Team and both Bethany and Quinton are fellow Quarterbacks Of Life in the "Beating The Odds Foundation.''